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MarketStat has been providing mystery shopping service evaluations for multiple market segments, for more than 30 years. We are keenly focused on our customer and client services, procedural evaluation excellence, and the successful execution of our clients’ goals and expectations. MarketStat’s customer service is exceptional, there are no upfront or set-up fees whatsoever, and never any additional costs for ongoing editing of surveys. We customize the surveys for each client individually, our reporting software metrics are cutting edge, and our software platform is continually being upgraded regarding technology and reporting capability advancements. Our business approach is focused on serving our clients with exceptional customer service, providing industry best evaluation and reporting capabilities, and managing our clients costs. All of this, in order to share and pass on meaningful insights, along with the benefit of greater cost savings to our clients. By design we prefer a sensible balance of lower margins and a greater volume of clients, while at the same time never sacrificing our overall services in any way.

We are one of the most affordable service providers in the country, and we understand very well that clients want professional and knowledgeable shoppers that are very experienced, and we want the same. Our shoppers are consistently rated and appraised for professionalism and knowledge of the industry. Our standards are high, assuring our clients in-depth, coherent and useful surveys. We are also willing to collaborate with the design of client surveys, and please know that they can always be altered and edited at any time, and again at no cost. We are MSPA members, we have thousands of shoppers, and we can confidently serve any area in the U.S. If for any reason you would have the need for an urgent and targeted shop, we can generally turn those around quickly, and often at the same price.

On behalf of our MarketStat team, we sincerely thank you and look forward to having an opportunity to share more about MarketStat’s services, and how we can best serve you and your business. For additional information please contact us at

You are also invited to contact us to arrange a free shop in exchange for your consideration of our services.

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    Mystery Shopping | Mystery Consumer | Secret Shopper Once an agreement has been established between MarketStat and your business, one of our consultants will contact you to discuss the details for implementing our services. We will work in tandem with you to create an assessment that thoroughly addresses your objectives, and it will be customized […]


    Mystery Shopping | Mystery Consumer | Secret Shopper Information is quickly reviewed by our company consultants for accuracy and clarity to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. Our rigorous standards of internal assessment will ensure that the information you receive is aligned with the objectives agreed on by MarketStat and you. Real-time data is collected from our […]


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